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    Nature is in our service; We use clean energy sources to remain.

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    Intech Global wind turbines can produce energy at low wind speeds.

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    Today, solar power plants can be installed quickly and easily and more cost-effective than ever.

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    Intech Global wind turbines operate at maximum efficiency in any wind direction.

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    You can start savings in short time by generating your own energy and sell more to the state, in your private houses or apartment buildings.

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    Vertical axis wind turbine farm can operate with high efficiency at a low altitude.

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    Renewable energy power plants can be installed in residential areas.

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    Hybrid power systems can produce electricity more stable, than you can get your return on investment faster.

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    Intech Global vertical axis wind turbine is suitable for use in rural and urban areas.

Intech-300W Intech-1kW Intech-2kW Intech-5kW Intech-10kW Intech-50kW

Intech Global Wind Turbines
Intech Global manufactures wind turbines which converting one of the renewable energy source wind energy to electrical energy with vertical axis wind turbine. Separating feature of the vertical axis wind turbine according to conventional wind turbines is based on differences in placement of the blades.

Blades are parallel on the vertical axis and rotate around the mast which carrying the turbine blades in Intech wind turbines. With this feature wind turbines has aerodynamic advantages. Turbines receives wind from all directions evenly distributes the forces of the blade surface. Thus it is generated a highly efficient and capacity wind energy. Wind turbines can be used different area of utilizations in off-grid and on-grid systems with capacity range of 300W to 50kW. Intech wind turbines has widespread usage with their aesthetic and silent operating conditions. Wind turbines with no negative impact on the natural habitat can be used building roofs, farms, houses, factories and renewable energy plants.

Intech wind turbines create smooth turbulent flow through owned blade shape and profile. This also provides the placement of a large number of turbine with close range. Due to aerodynamic features wind turbines shows high efficiency and performance. Also suitable for use in urban areas with noiseless operation.

Intech wind turbines has a speed limiter and emergency brake that connected to programmable logic controller. System provides maximum power achieved at fixed rotation speed that optimum energy. Safety brake system stopping rotation automatically over 25m/s wind speed and prevents damage to turbine and blades.

Wind turbine blades have a high lifetime with owned high quality aluminum alloy material. All parts of turbine are corrosion resistant. Turbines without gearboxes and correction mechanism with direct-driven generator has a maximum life with minimum maintenance.