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    Nature is in our service; We use clean energy sources to remain.

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    Intech Global wind turbines can produce energy at low wind speeds.

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    Today, solar power plants can be installed quickly and easily and more cost-effective than ever.

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    Intech Global wind turbines operate at maximum efficiency in any wind direction.

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    You can start savings in short time by generating your own energy and sell more to the state, in your private houses or apartment buildings.

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    Vertical axis wind turbine farm can operate with high efficiency at a low altitude.

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    Renewable energy power plants can be installed in residential areas.

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    Hybrid power systems can produce electricity more stable, than you can get your return on investment faster.

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    Intech Global vertical axis wind turbine is suitable for use in rural and urban areas.

Solar Package Systems
Off grid solar package systems are prepared to meet the basic electricity needs. This package includes solar panels with other equipment is needed in systems. With the package off grid systems you can get electricity in different areas practically.
The main equipment used in this system; solar panel, charge controller, battery and inverter. Electricity generated by solar panels is stored in batteries by the help of charge controller. Battery provides the current which electrical equipment needs.
Intech off grid solar power systems can be used in a wide range as rural areas to residential buildings in the city. When there is no sun in the sky, , the energy stored in the batteries is used.

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Products of Solar Package