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    Nature is in our service; We use clean energy sources to remain.

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    Intech Global wind turbines can produce energy at low wind speeds.

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    Today, solar power plants can be installed quickly and easily and more cost-effective than ever.

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    Intech Global wind turbines operate at maximum efficiency in any wind direction.

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    You can start savings in short time by generating your own energy and sell more to the state, in your private houses or apartment buildings.

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    Vertical axis wind turbine farm can operate with high efficiency at a low altitude.

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    Renewable energy power plants can be installed in residential areas.

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    Hybrid power systems can produce electricity more stable, than you can get your return on investment faster.

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    Intech Global vertical axis wind turbine is suitable for use in rural and urban areas.


Biogas Plants

Biogas; a combustible gas is obtained by treating the biomass comprising animal or vegetable waste. Organic raw materials by fermentation with bacteria and other microorganisms for obtaining energy using the resulting gases are biogas plants. Biological waste for obtaining biogas, animal feces comprising energy crops such as corn or sugar beet breeding animals (as the substrate) is used. Biomass is seperated by using bacteria and other microorganisms. This is the final product of the fermentation process stage air (oxygen) and humid, especially methane freed from the light (M-70) and carbon dioxide (55%) occurs. It depends primarily on the availability of the energy of the biogas methane content in the biogas. Produced biogas is generally used in cogeneration plants to produce heat and power. The heat generated is used for air conditioning , facility warming, greenhouse warming, barn warming. As a result of the process the waste product is used as a high-quality agricultural fertilizer.

Information we need to design Biogas Plants;
Substrate type (manure or organic food waste),
The location of the farm or factory, the facilities and equipment used,
Detailed as the type of animal, age, weight and net count,
The amount of waste daily, ,
Chemical analysis of waste,
We provide Operation and Maintenance Services.

Benefits of Biogas Plants;

There is certainly not a negative effect on the climate balance.
Environmental and ecological balance is preserved.
It facilitates the use of organic fertilizers.
The heat energy can be utilized in local areas.
With the generated electricity is contributing to the national economy.

Biogas Documents